2020 Annual Report

20/20 is the number the optician uses to indicate perfect vision. The number was significant enough to consider it a major milestone in the journey of any organization. Medical Ambassadors International reached a significant milestone in 2020, the 40th year of its existence; yet like millions of organizations around the globe we too were blindsided when reality hit us. The year ended up becoming the most challenging one ever because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As in the previous year, we continued to strive for improving quality, efficiency, and professionalism at all levels. We persevered relentlessly with our ongoing work and in our efforts to grow and expand our CHE (Community Health Evangelism) program.

Click the image below to see the impact of your prayers and generosity across 75 countries, representing over 2.6 million people. Also, read more about exciting things coming in the future as we seek the Lord’s face and ask that He continues to open our eyes to see what He is doing so we can partner with Him in the expansion of His kingdom!