Women are not valued…until now!

In large parts of the developing world women get a very bad deal in being treated as the property of their husbands. Oftentimes, they are not valued in the way God intends for them to be valued, with even less respect than their husbands give to the animals they own! Your heart must be broken to hear such careless disregard for His creation. That is MAI’s reaction too.

MAI introduced a program called WCL (Women’s Cycle of Life) a number of years ago. We are currently in the process of training field partners to expand this program. This month’s story is about the impact of WCL in some of the villages of Ethiopia and how it is permeating the rest of the community.

In Ethiopia there are areas where women have low social status and are not highly valued; even Community Health Evangelism (CHE) programs can sometimes focus only on issues more important to men.

However, the Women’s Cycle of Life program in Ethiopia has caused men to take notice as their wives, children, and communities began to be transformed.

After the women learned about their value in God’s eyes, the women began to grow in confidence and joy.

What they learned:

  • They found providing better physical care and hygiene for their children resulted in fewer childhood illnesses.
  • They learned about relating to their husbands and expressing love to them.
  • They found that attending to their personal hygiene and bathing regularly made them more attractive to their husbands and increased marital faithfulness.
  • The women grew in their understanding of the Word of God and in their faith, with the resulting positive changes in attitudes.
  • As the men were included in CHE lessons about marriage, even pastors came to the realization that they were not treating their wives well.

Repeatedly, in the couple’s trainings, husbands and pastors are asking for forgiveness (even falling on their knees) for the poor treatment of their wives and are seeing them as valuable and precious.

To view video from Ethiopia: https://bit.ly/2QCGRGR

This Is How God Uses Medical Ambassadors International…
we all work together. Each volunteer, donor and worker is incredibly necessary.

The effectiveness of their ministry on the field is possible because of faithful partners who pray for them regularly and support their ministry through Medical Ambassadors International.

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