180° Change!

The Covid-19 outbreak is a global phenomenon. Even small children can explain the virus graphic, although they cannot understand why their parents are keeping them from going out to meet their friends!

Every CHE person is talking about how to prevent the disease. As I read through multiple reports, one story particularly caught my attention. This story came from Camp Luka in the DRC where one of the microenterprises that was launched by a CHE committee made an unusual decision—before the virus hit! At this writing, Africa is beginning to see serious results of the virus.  Here is their story:

The stitching center was going well in Camp Luka. The workers were proficient in making fashionable clothes for women and school uniforms  for children. They were providing a new source of revenue for their families.

And then the Covid-19 outbreak hit the Democratic Republic of Congo!  The CHE committee leaders met and decided on a course of action to protect their village. They would strictly follow the advice of the CHE Master trainers from Medical Ambassadors International.

They would avoid going out, maintain social distance, and re-emphasize the precautions related to washing hands using soap. Massive campaigns using megaphones were organized to let the whole region know what to do.

Three weeks later, there were still no cases of the disease in their community, but everyone knew it was coming. A new set of guidelines were issued. Everyone was advised to wear face masks when going out, even if they didn’t have any symptoms. There was a search for face masks, but even the paramedical staff in the city hospitals didn’t have these available.

The CHE committee leadership had another emergency meeting. They would ask the village seamstresses to start making face masks so every man, woman and child in the village would be protected when the virus came. That’s exactly what they did. They are ready!

We are very grateful to those who support our global ministry. Faithful support makes it possible for us to facilitate the healing of lives and the transformation of communities. Right now, of course, our major efforts are focused on prevention of Covid-19, identifying the cardinal symptoms and providing home-based care to people who are sick. We are able to support communities like Camp Luka in the Democratic Republic of Congo because of partnerships with people like you.

The Bible in Proverbs 19:17 (NIV) says, “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward them for what they have done.” May the Lord bless you for all that you do for Him.

A short message included in our last mailing outlined what MAI is doing to counter Covid-19. That effort continues to grow and intensify as our field teams use every means available to them to disseminate important information and critical warnings to the communities where they serve. This is happening across 8 regions, overseeing CHE projects in 75 countries, impacting 2,582 communities across the globe.