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Thousands have died of Ebola Virus, and millions are at great risk in much of West Africa. Whole countries have been quarantined to limit the spread of this highly infectious virus. Ebola spreads by human to human contact and is 90% fatal. There is no known cure, but there are excellent preventative measures.

What is Medical Ambassadors Doing To Relieve This Crisis?
The Community Health Evangelism (CHE) trainers living in the affected countries are involved. These brave men and women are teaching groups and going door-to-door, providing information about the symptoms, prevention, and treatment of Ebola. PDFs of the materials they are using are included below.

Ebola Information


These courageous individuals could use your help:

Please pray for their protection and health. Also, we ask for prayer for God to contain and stop this horrific crisis soon.


Give to support the work of these CHE trainers who labor in difficult and life-threatening situations. They need funds to buy sanitizers, gloves, sterile masks, and to print handbills and picture booklets for mass circulating. Can you help the trainers?

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Rebuilding Hope

…for the Body of Christ in Nigeria

Many Christians have been killed in Nigeria and many churches have been bombed or burned to the ground.

Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) asked our Regional Coordinator (RC) for West Africa, how can we bring hope to these battered brothers and sisters in the Lord? He told us the believers in Nigeria feel abandoned by the global Church. The best thing we, in the West, could do to encourage them, he said, would be to help them rebuild their churches—the center of their communities.

When this need was presented to all the MAI Regional Coordinators from around the world, their response was unanimous: “If MAI can spread the word to the Western churches, it would be a valid use of our staff to help organize the disbursement of resources to those on the ground in Nigeria. It would give them hope and encouragement.”

Dr. David Mains, friend of MAI and Christian media evangelist, has offered to travel to Nigeria to document the present need and be the spokesperson to raise awareness to the American church.

Plans are being made to form local committees for each church’s rebuilding project—committees that may later introduce Community Health Evangelism (CHE) to the area. A CHE Vision Seminar will be held in each affected area. The church rebuilding project can double as a springboard for growing CHE throughout Nigeria.

Our goal is not only to motivate the North American churches, but the churches in Nigeria as well. God has already provided key contacts with strategic Christian leaders in Nigeria who have expressed interest in raising money to help their countryman.

It is time to bring encouragement to the Nigerian body of Christ and remind them the Church stands with them! Will you join us in Rebuilding Hope?




I will pray. [Pray that God will be completely in control of every decision and step of this journey. Pray that our brothers and sisters in Nigeria may be strengthened to represent our Master well, even under such difficult circumstances.] Please send me updates and additional prayer requests.

I will support my brothers and sisters in Nigeria and help rebuild their churches and communities.

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I want to do more. Send me a copy of the DVD Nigeria’s Cry to be used by my church/group. A PDF prayer/response card can be reproduced by downloading the master here. The video Nigeria’s Cry is also available for viewing below.


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Download this printable prayer card to share with your church, small group, friends, or family.

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