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Join us…

 Save a baby and you save a family…

Join us from January to March to raise awareness and funding for Women’s Cycle of Life Trainings around the world. Women’s Cycle of Life (WCL) provides a curriculum which deals with women’s health issues—from adolescence to child-bearing/care of children to menopause. Relational issues concerning mothers-in-law, forgiveness, gossip and many more issues are addressed from a biblical viewpoint. WCL lessons focus on how Jesus values women and children - an excellent tool to bring whole families to Christ.

We would love to get your family involved! Here’s how it works: We send your family a Save-a-Life piggy bank. Together with your friends you fill the bank, encouraging children and others with the purpose for the 

collection. Once your bank is full, make a family outing of bringing it to our office. Or you can mail us a check for the sum of the contents. (This saves a lot of postage for the weight of the coins.) We will send you a receipt and a thank you for your participation.

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Children / Health / Women's Cycle of Life

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