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Why Medical Ambassadors?

  • If you had a child with a chronic illness—reoccurring parasites, for example, or diarrhea or diseases of malnutrition—which would you prefer? A medical center miles away with long lines, or the neighbor next door who teaches you what to do that not only treats the symptoms of disease but eliminates the causes. Which would you choose?


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Healing Lives

Winter 2013

Read the recently published edition of Healing Lives: When Jesus Came to Town. Click here to read this edition.

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    Latest news

    They Blew Up The Bridge

    Katrina, the wife of MAI’s Area Coordinator in Albania, first met Marie several years ago. At that time Marie had good reason to be worried. She and her poor family had done everything they could afford, and even some things well beyond their means, to help her oldest son escape from his addiction to drugs. Even a well-respected rehabilitation program had completely failed to bring change to Marcos. Marcos experienced such violent withdrawal when he could not get his drugs that his mother feared for his life. Click here to keep reading.

    An Impossible Decision

    Have you ever faced a decision that seemed impossible to make? We at Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) faced such a decision recently. For the past five years, our mission’s home office has been in rented space. Our wonderful, Christian landlord came with an offer in early December. Due to his need to offset some capital gains, he could sell us the building at a reduced price, if we could conclude the deal by December 31. Click here to keep reading.




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