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Real Independence?

On July 4th the United States celebrated its Independence Day. What do you think creates independence for people around the world? Many people believe the USA is a great place to find independence as a successful entrepreneur. But if you are poor here, government assistance somehow has a way of bringing increased dependence. Such assistance actually may impede independence. We certainly do not want to make the same mistakes in missions, as we try to help in the name of Jesus.

Resilient communities

With dramatic and heart-rending stories in hand, our Regional Coordinator for South Asia has just returned from Nepal. He brought stories of devastation and stories of hope. In this letter, I want to focus on hope.

Earthquakes shake your hope to its core. In Nepal, the earthquakes left many people with little besides death and rubble. Just 17 days after the huge 7.8 magnitude quake of April 25, 2015, came a second 7.3 magnitude quake on May 12. Both had epicenters close to Kathmandu, the capital city. By the time our coordinator left Nepal in early June, there had been at least 136 aftershocks recorded. How can people find hope, when the ground continues to rumble?



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