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Endless Need?

I know that Christmas is a time of joy for many people. However, I also know that it can be a time of frustration, too. Perhaps you are frustrated because there are more needs than you can possibly meet. Perhaps you are stunned by the recent terrorist atrocities against innocent people in places like Paris and wish there was something you could do. Or perhaps, time pressures make it hard for you to really focus on the hope Jesus brought to earth with his birth and you long for some quiet moments with him. Believe me, I too feel swamped with needs that never seem to end and demands that keep crowding into my time.

Begging for hope

Have you ever felt you were in the minority opinion when everyone around you was convinced of the opposite? That’s a hard place to be! But it’s exactly where many believers find themselves. Working in areas that are strongly Muslim can be difficult in just that way. Many Muslims are convinced they are the ones with the truth. They hold the majority opinion. Interestingly, however, in many places Muslims do freely mix Islam with local traditional religions. It is as if Satan allows Muslims to mix false things into Islam without causing any concern.


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