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Begging for hope

Have you ever felt you were in the minority opinion when everyone around you was convinced of the opposite? That’s a hard place to be! But it’s exactly where many believers find themselves. Working in areas that are strongly Muslim can be difficult in just that way. Many Muslims are convinced they are the ones with the truth. They hold the majority opinion. Interestingly, however, in many places Muslims do freely mix Islam with local traditional religions. It is as if Satan allows Muslims to mix false things into Islam without causing any concern.

Children Open Doors

Change is not something that comes easily. Have you found that to be true? In any group of people, it takes some kind of impetus to bring a desire for change. Across all cultures, one effective motivation is the love of parents for their kids and the hope that their children be happy and well. We at Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) have learned that offering to screen a group of children for health issues often leads parents to new enthusiasm to improve their lives…for the sake of their kids. It is a great way to enter new communities.


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