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Why Medical Ambassadors?

  • If you had a child with a chronic illness—reoccurring parasites, for example, or diarrhea or diseases of malnutrition—which would you prefer? A medical center miles away with long lines, or the neighbor next door who teaches you what to do that not only treats the symptoms of disease but eliminates the causes. Which would you choose?


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    Latest news

    Can this dark wall come down?

    Have you experienced a time when a concept, an idea, from God’s Word changed the way you looked at yourself? Have you seen this happen to people who did not yet know Jesus personally, but who found themselves changed due to the power of God’s truth? Please let me tell you how the Son is shining through the dark wall of Islam for two young women because of Community Health Evangelism (CHE) for Children… Click here to keep reading.

    He Humbly Knelt

    How often I have heard marriage partners say, “I wish I could forgive him/her, but this has gone on for so long, I just can’t trust he/she will change.” Often I’m not sure how to respond because the hurt and the damage caused by the partner are very real. Marriage partners also have troubles in other parts of the world. Sometimes they live in cultures in which it is perfectly acceptable for a man to beat his wife or children. And people can find it difficult to let Jesus change their cultural patterns... Click here to keep reading.

    Feet on the Ground: Reflections on Fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa

    My husband and I went to East Africa in 2005 thinking we were going to focus on HIV/AIDS prevention education as well as training for home-based caregivers of people living with AIDS. Although we knew there was AIDS all around us, it was interesting to us that the community leaders we dealt with didn't usually ask for help and training in dealing with that issue. Instead they wanted to prevent the diarrheal diseases or malaria that killed their children, or they wanted help with agriculture or literacy, or they requested microenterprise training. However, as the newly-trained home visitors began teaching their neighbors these new things… Click here to keep reading.



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