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Why Medical Ambassadors?

  • If you had a child with a chronic illness—reoccurring parasites, for example, or diarrhea or diseases of malnutrition—which would you prefer? A medical center miles away with long lines, or the neighbor next door who teaches you what to do that not only treats the symptoms of disease but eliminates the causes. Which would you choose?


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    A source of hope and help

    What would you think if you heard a politician say, “Through changed individual lives a community can change?” This is exactly what the Honorable Abner Huelar said in his election campaign in Antique in the Philippines. The remarkable thing about Mr. Huelar is that he is a former Community Health Evangelism (CHE) committee member from one the many CHE programs in the Philippines. Mr. Huelar’s slogan came directly from the CHE programs in Antique. The training teams there have highlighted the message that change starts with one person’s choices… Click here to keep reading.

    Ebola Response

    In West Africa, primarily in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, over 1,300 diagnosed with Ebola infection have died over the past several weeks. Of those, at least 82 have been health care workers. Most of the people diagnosed with Ebola have died. Now cases are occurring in other West African countries and millions are potentially at risk. God may have put Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) in West Africa for just such a time as this… Click here to keep reading.



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