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Forgiveness Often Comes Hard!

When have you been in a situation in which you needed forgiveness or perhaps you needed to give forgiveness? This subject usually grabs us in the gut and sometimes paralyzes us. Forgiveness often comes hard!
On my recent trip to Kenya, I heard an account that is more dramatic than any experience I have ever had myself. However, I am betting some of you have been through incidents of offense and hurt that have been very difficult, too.

Hope in the New Year

Everybody talks about hope in the New Year, but perhaps it is hard to hope when you see worldwide trends like ISIS, terrorism, chronic political corruption, or anti-Christian sentiments. As I think back over the past seven years, a story of hope about Medical Ambassadors International (MAI) comes immediately to mind. In February 2009, few people thought there was much hope for MAI. March 6th was scheduled to be the day MAI’s board would vote to close the mission.


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